VAT Returns and Registration

VAT is a daunting and complicated process for any business, but we’re here to help you.

You’re not legally required to register for VAT until your business has a taxable turnover of more than £80,000. However, if you choose to register before then, there are a number of things you’ll be able to benefit from.

If you mostly sell to other VAT-registered businesses or supply zero-rated goods, you can claim VAT back on your purchases, therefore saving money. VAT registration gives your business a sense of size and stability that boosts the confidence of customers, adding credibility.

Whatever your reason for registering for VAT, you will need to submit a VAT Return after and decide on the most beneficial scheme to use. Whether it’s a Flat Rate scheme, cash accounting or the need to opt to tax land and property, this is where we step in. Our expertise and bookkeeping services mean the process is much quicker, simpler and will save you money. We work hard to ensure books are error-free; meaning compiling your company VAT Return will be much easier. Alternatively, we can review and adjust your own system to give you comfort that the figures submitted are accurate.

How will our VAT Returns and Registration service help your business?

Save money

Add credibility

VAT returns and registration